MirrorMirror – #TheRepeatThing

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, whos that dirty little whore?                                     Darling, if you don’t realize it's you it really has been too long!   Considering I have come from Hastings where the talent was seriously slaking, I… Continue reading MirrorMirror – #TheRepeatThing



****************** I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - God cannot judge me for I am the only judge when it comes to my life and really that is the only way you should live your life. We all care too much about what others think about us… Continue reading #IKnowYouMissedMe

#FLASHBACK; The Begining Of Hastings Meets Now Rhys

#onedoorcloses #anotherdooropens it's nearly the end of this chapter bitches. Love me #IKNOWYOUMISSEDME

Options, Choices & Oppertunity.

So I'm currently having a working holiday only for four days but I have to admit I would probably have a working holiday than just have a holiday like I had recently when I had a week off at home and didn't really get up to much other than walking, seeing my friends outside of… Continue reading Options, Choices & Oppertunity.

#Grindr2.0 – It’s Simple Really.

Whenever you download a new app you always have a thought in your head of what its going to be like or what you want from it and like any other 'Dating app' you have to set a profile for yourself before you can start you window shopping the local talent that lurks in shadows… Continue reading #Grindr2.0 – It’s Simple Really.