#Grindr2.0 – It’s Simple Really.

Whenever you download a new app you always have a thought in your head of what its going to be like or what you want from it and like any other 'Dating app' you have to set a profile for yourself before you can start you window shopping the local talent that lurks in shadows… Continue reading #Grindr2.0 – It’s Simple Really.


#Grindr101 – Basic Bitches

#newblogpost The Need to know of #Grindr and this is before you even start chatting. My Views. This is a #Repost as the original one went off the grid. xo

Public Announcement! The Ladies & Gents Part 1

To the whores and the ladies. The dicks and the gentleman. The low lives and the high rollers. This is a public announcement, you will never make it in this life just by being 'nice'. It's just not possible, you have to have to play the role of a bitch sometimes to get what you… Continue reading Public Announcement! The Ladies & Gents Part 1

Who Are You Really?

So on nights on a full moon weird crazy shit is meant to be happen - it's something that everyone has been told at least once in their life. But recently it has started feeling like every day and every night is a full moon. I wouldn't really say weird crazy shit is happening but… Continue reading Who Are You Really?